Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vatican Kicks Out Fake Bishop

In a stunning display of the Vatican's security, guards kicked out a fake bishop who almost got into conclave, after only one hour.

Identified as Ralph Napierski, the German man showed up with an entourage of fake assistants and posed for photographs with an actual cardinal. But there were giveaways: His short cassock, black fedora in lieu of skull cap, and an ordinary purple-pink scarf instead of a sash.

Still, Napierski fooled people for about an hour, calling himself Basilius and claiming membership in a Catholic order he invented called Corpus Dei (a riff on the real Opus Dei). His motive is unknown, but Napierski runs a blog about Corpus Dei and another blog called Jesus Yoga, which purports to teach the "hidden techniques of Christian meditation."
Now the Vatican is holding talks on how to boost security before the next pope is chosen, because no one would ever think weird people might try to do something to the Vatican. Because that never happens. 

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